Monday, February 10, 2020

An implementation of an E - COMMERCE Mathematical tutorial website Essay

An implementation of an E - COMMERCE Mathematical tutorial website - Essay Example The paper tells that technology changes us in the same way as it changes the world. It changes our perception towards others and it influences and plays a critical role in every minute aspect of our lives so much so that one may understand the impact of the famous quote made by Howard Sparks at once. The rapid increase of the use of technology has changed the way one looks at things. Our learning and teaching methods have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Today, the physical barriers of geographical location, race, or age do not bind us from aspiring to learn or achieve anything. The impact has rather been explosive over the last decade with the introduction of new methods as far as teaching is concerned. The main reason for such a significant change has been the enormous use of the Internet & the World Wide Web. The extensive use of the World Wide Web has enabled us to create new teaching methods that have proven to be a major hit over conventional teaching methods. Th is is the new age of the concept of e-learning. One of the significant changes that e-learning has brought about has been that it has moved away from traditional teaching methods, where the learner used to be passive all along the while. The approach used by e-learning is in contrast to this idea and adopts an interactive methodology towards learning by transforming the learning medium and the teaching session into an appealing and an interactive one. Therefore, this is one of the major areas that the present project has had to concentrate on.

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